The Big Picture

The US stock markets had a very strong week as the US treasuries show signs of stabilisation around the 1.6% mark and the sell-off in growth stocks appears overdone. The inflows in equities reached 51 billion $ this week due matching outflows in bonds as inflation expectations continue to rise. Jobless claims beat estimates this week and the US unemployment rate fell to 8.2%.

Covid-19 data in the US continue to be positive and the vaccine rollout numbers are very strong: president Biden has announced that all adult Americans are expected to be vaccinated by May 1st and the next July 4th is being labelled as Independence Day from the virus. $NVAX announced good efficacy on both the main and UK variant strains of the virus while some European countries have suspended the use of the $AZN vaccine, which is not approved in the US, following allegedly connected blood clot cases.

Market Performance

The stock market indices were all markedly higher this week: in the US the Dow led with a 4.1% gain, followed by the Nasdaq (3.1%) and the S&P500 (2.6%). In Europe, the Stoxx gained 3.5% while the Italian index rose +5.0%. The Danish OMX20 reversed the negative trend finished the week with a strong gain (5.1%). The US Dollar finished lost 0.3% relative to the Euro. Crude $oil was flat while $Gold gained 1.3%. $BTC-USD continued its rise by adding 11% to its price.


$JD reported Q4 earnings before market open on Thursday and beat on both revenue and EPS. The stock gained 6% on the news but was then caught into the Friday sell-off which affected various Chinese stocks fined by antitrust regulators.

$RBLX IPO was a big success this week however the number of IPOs is starting to fade possibly due to signs of unjustified froth. $DOCU shares slipped 2.5% after hours despite reporting Q4 beats and upside sales forecasts that suggest the digital transformation trends will continue after the pandemic.

None of our stock will report their Q4 earnings next week, the last three in our portfolio will do so on week commencing the 22nd of March.


$NEM will pay its quarterly dividend on March 18th. $DSV.CO and $DANSKE.CO also go ex-dividend this week. Italian stocks traditionally pay an annual dividend in late May. US stocks distribute quarterly dividends.

Portfolio Performance

Our portfolio gained 4.0% this week whereas the weighted average of the relevant market indices finished 3.7% higher corresponding to a 0.3% market beat.

We made a new purchase this week: Denmark-headquartered utility company $ORSTED.CO. This is a long term green energy investment. The stock has experienced a 2 month period of weakness falling from 1400 kr to about 900kr and recently rebounded from the 161.8% fib which offered a good opportunity to buy.

This week’s winner was $STLA.MI with a 12.9% gain. All of our European stocks continue to show signs of strength.

Our Responsible Investor portfolio is now up 22.8% (23.7% including dividends) in 41 weeks. We are about 60% in stocks & ETFs and 40% in cash. On my watchlist this week I have $WMT, $MSFT, $AMBU-B.CO, $ABNB and $LRN.

The table below summarises the portfolio performance since inception.

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