Responsible Investor Portfolio Update, August 22th, 2020 | $TCEHY $NEM $BK $SYF $CLIX $GRUB $PCG $LVMUY $LRLCY $PEUGF $ELC.MI $WBD.MI

This is a market of contrasts. On the one hand we have increasing Covid-19 numbers all over the world and particularly in Europe where infection cases are going back to April-May levels, and on the other several bullish signals, the most recent one to note being the existing house sales in the US which grew by 25% in July – a rate not seen since 2006.

In the meantime the candidacies of Joe Biden and of his prospective VP Kamala Harris have been formalised at the Democratic Convention and the US stock market did not have a negative reaction. In the past there used to be many articles about how a Democratic government would be unwelcome for corporate America whereas positions seems to be more open to a leadership alternative to Trump of late.

It was a mixed week for the stock market: the MSCI World was flat, Europe was down 1.8% (with Italy loosing 2.42% and the Nasdaq Copenhagen a meager 0.12%) and the US indices were up with the S&P500 growing by 0.7% and the Nasdaq by a whopping 2.7%, whereas the Dow ended the week flat. The Dollar recovered about 0.58% over the Euro.

We have made one purchase on the RI portfolio this week, a relatively new ETF which invests in e-commerce while shorting the bricks & mortar sector. It is basically a combination of two other ETFs I have watched (and still own in another portfolio), $IBUY and $EMTY, and goes by the ticker of $CLIX. Thanks to its long and short positions it adds a lot of alpha to a signle investment: it is up 87% YTD, widely outperforming all the US stock market indices.

Our $SQQQ position hit the SL price at the beginning of the week but I expect that it is more of an arrivederci for this hedge. $TCEHY gapped 7% higher and looks like a break-out is around the corner. With gold recovering most of last week’s losses, $NEM was up 2.7%. On our watchlist we have stocks like $HUBS, $JD and $CSGP.

The table below summarises the portfolio performance since inception.

2000821 RIP

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