November 26th, 2022 | I am beating the market this year: are you? | $DIS $THO $MP $KSS $GL $WMT $TGT $GILD $AIG $ORI $USB $CNC $SH $GLD $SLV $SON $NEM $HLT $NXPI $DEN $GPS $FIVE $JPM $CMG $MSFT

Weekly summary in a paragraph

Thanksgiving week is statistically a positive week for the US market and characterised by low volume as trading desks are manned by junior staff. The festive sentiment has overshadowed the bad news about further Covid outbreaks which continue to pour in from China – it seems that only commodities are in sync, with further weakness observed in oil and copper to name two. There is also technical resistance ahead around the 4050-4100 area for the S&P500 which closed at 4026 this week.

The European stock market continued its recovery and has now risen 15.7% from the October 13th lows.

Asset classes weekly performance

This week the Dow gained +1.7% (-5.3% YTD) while the S&P500 rose +1.5% (-14.6% YTD, we are 1x short), the Nasdaq limited its gains to +0.7% (-25.9% YTD, we have a 3x inverse position) and the Russell 2000 lost -1.7% (-14.6% YTD, we are 1x short). $Gold recovered +0.3% (-4.15% YTD) while silver finished +2.8% higher (-6.32% YTD). $Oil tanked -4.9% (+6.48% YTD). The 20-y recovered +3.1% this week (-28.3% YTD). The European stock finished +1.6% higher (-15.7% YTD). The Euro recovered +0.8% on the USD (-6.08% YTD).

Weekly pitch

The performance of the S&P500 over the last 30 years is 9.2% annual return (excl. dividends) which means that a 10,000$ investment made in 1993 would have become 92,000$ today. You could say that this is very good especially if you stay invested and navigate both bull and bear markets. That is the argument of the Vanguards of the world and their ETF products. Successful investors manage to beat the market thereby increasing the average annual return. The power of compounding is immense if you think that a simple +2% year on year market beat would become 166,000$ for that same initial investment in 30 years and a whopping 397,000$ with a +5% market beat.

Weekly Portfolio Update

No movements in our portfolio this week. $DIS celebrated the return of Bob Iger as CEO with a +7.70% weekly gain helping the Dow and the S&P500 outperform the Nasdaq. Cash, precious metals and hedges amount to 42% in our portfolio.

Top 5 Weekly Portfolio Performers

$GPS +8.56% (Consumer-Apparel/Shoes)

$DIS +7.70% (Media-Diversified)

$FIVE +4.40% (Consumer-Discount/Variety)

$CHTR +3.66% (Telecom Services-Integrated)

$THO +3.61% (Building-Mobile Mfg./RV)

Portfolio Asset Allocation

– Long stock positions 58% (unchanged)

– Hedges 10%, though equal to 15% considering leveraged ETFs (unchanged)

– Silver + Gold 4% (unchanged)

– Cash 28% (unchanged)

YTD Portfolio Performance

Our currency-adjusted YTD portfolio performance is -5.0% (excl. dividends) vs the European market loss of -7.5% (+2.5% European market beat, expressed in €) and the S&P500 loss of -14.6% (+1.4% US market beat, expressed in $).

Invest responsibly!!!


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