Responsible Investor Portfolio Update, August 1st, 2020 | $TCEHY $NEM $BK $SYF $GILD $GRUB $SQQQ $SCO $PCG $LVMUY $LRLCY $WBD.MI $IMA.MI $ELC.MI

It is surprising how the global stock markets are capable of shrugging off just about any news headline recently. This week was no different. The pandemic keeps wreaking havoc in many developing countries and of course in the US as a second wave in Europe seems inevitable now. Check out these great graphs from the Financial Times.

On Wednesday the CEOs of the largest 4 tech companies, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook appeared before a US Congress Committee to be “grilled” on anti-trust accusations. You can’t say anyone of them lost their cool, really, and when the same companies all reported their Q2 earnings after the close the following day on the one hand it seemed that as if there is nothing to stop them from hoarding cash, and on the other it does reinforce the point of whether there is fair competition and reasonable profit.

The US markets were up this week, especially the Nasdaq, while the World Stocks Index was mostly flat. Italy saw a sharp decline, just shy of 5%, and the European stock markets in general were also down (Stoxx index fell by 2.6%). The other stock market we watch closely, the Nasdaq Copenhagen, was less badly hit with a 1.4% loss and continues to outperform most European stock markets.

We keep finding great investment opportunities in the Italian stock market. A classic  rule when it comes to personal finance is to invest in what you know. This past week I have sent two new buy alerts, one for mid-cap in the Industrial sector called IMA (which is already up 14% since my buy alert) and another one for a Consumer Cyclical stock called Elica, both traded on the Italian stock market.

I am disappointed by the recent weakness in WeBuild which tanked 21% this week. This is a good example of why focusing only on valuation is not sufficient to pick (or deciding to stick with) a stock: if the market is against it, you won’t see it grow. With the 38.2% fib level broken, there is the risk of further depreciation. I will look into it more closely in due course and send an alert if I sell/reduce/accumulate.


I realised that one of our SQQQ position was incorrectly reported despite the ETF having hit our SL price of 8.1$: apologies for the inconvenience.

So far we have not included dividends in the total return and I will endeavor to add this information in a future update as some of our stocks have already paid a quarterly dividend since the inception of the RI portfolio.

The table below summarises the portfolio performance since inception.

200731 RIP

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Responsible Investor Portfolio Update, July 25th, 2020 | $TCEHY $NEM $BK $SYF $GILD $GRUB $SQQQ $SCO $PCG $LVMUY $LRLCY

I was on holidays for the last two weeks and while I took a break from the weekly blog, I kept an eye on the markets and even sent three buy alerts over this period. So much has happened within the span of a fortnight, from the worsening of the pandemic in the US, to the diplomatic tension between the US and China and the start of the earnings season. While the first two may offer an excuse for a correction, all eyes are on earnings which will be the reality check for this frothy market.

Two months have passed since the inception of the Responsible Investor Portfolio and we are still in the black with a total return of 1.9% (excluding dividends) whereas the market is up 1.3% (0.6% market beat).

The majority of our 18 portfolio positions are traded in European currencies whereas 43% is in USD. Over the last two weeks the USD has lost 4.4% vs the Euro and this impacts on our portfolio on which I report in USD.

We initiated a position in Tencent the week before last and also one in the Italian contractor WeBuild (previously trading as Salini). Following the approval of the EU Recovery Fund and a positive technical signal, I also sent a buy alert for an ETF which reproduces the price of a selection of European dividend stocks and is traded on the Italian stock market, EUDV.MI.

The table below summarises the portfolio performance since inception.

200724 RIP

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$NEM $BK $SYF $GILD $GRUB $SQQQ $SCO $PCG $LVMUY $LRLCY| Responsible Investor Portfolio Update, July 4th, 2020

Q2 ended with a bang and Q3 started on a positive note. All major markets were up this week as the sentiment continues to be positive despite the concerning news about C-19 in the US and other non-European countries. Note the typical behaviour of the “momo crowd” erroneously reading certain news like the jump in new jobs in the US which however reflects events which occurred in the past rather than focussing on the future like “smart money” does.

Once again the US markets gapped higher, led by the Nasdaq (+4.6% weekly gain), while Europe lagged behind whilst delivering a gain, with the Italian stock market staging at 3.2% gain (#Stoxx +2.0% and #OMXC20 1.8%). Note however that most European indices have a lot more room to recover compared to the US stock market and this may affect the relative weight of our positions going forward. The Copenhagen stock market is up 10%+ YTD and its valuation is getting expensive.

Gold has passed a key resistance level and opened the opportunity for further appreciation: our position on $NEM enabled us to benefit from this move.

Our RI Portfolio was positive this week (+0,6%) but its growth was muted compared to the tracked stock markets because the hedges dragged it down. The markets are so buoyant and the valuations so high that I did not want to sell the hedges as things may change direction after the 4th of July weekend.

Five weeks after initiation we are showing a positive total return of 2.0% beating the Market by 0.6%.

No alerts this week ! I know it is nice to receive them but timing is also important.

This week’s winners in our RI Portfolio were both from Europe: Danske Bank (+6,4% gain) and Inwit (+5,7% gain).

No relative changes between the three currencies of the RI Portfolio.

We now have 15 open positions, 2 of which are leveraged hedges (inverse ETFs). Even in times of high valuations I keep finding cheap stocks and a possible further drop of the markets next week may offer an opportunity to initiate new positions.

The table below summarises the portfolio performance since inception.

2000703 RIP

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Beating the #market

Another week in red has gone by, with the three major US stock market indices losing between 1.7 and 2.6%.

Perhaps the most significant development, however, relates to the price of #oil which has finally seen a spike from the lows of the beginning of the week. This is thanks to the expectation that the major producers may soon agree to cut production which should better align supply with the reduced demand. I have tried to play this with a very short term trade but didn’t actually succeed as I sold my $USO position too quickly with a marginal loss. It has taught me another lesson about how pointless short term trades can be, at least for me, as I am fundamentally a long term investor. Always invest in what you understand ! I did however benefit from a 12% gain in my Occidental (ticker $OXY ) position.

This week I have started a new long position in ConAgra Foods (ticker is $CAG ): I don’t expect it to work wonders, as it is a value stock, but to actually provide a single to low teens return within the next year or so and therefore some stability to my portfolio. I have bought it on Tuesday and have already achieved a 4.28% gain. It also pays a 2.8% dividend and the next quarterly ex-dividend date is expected in late April. I felt the timing was right as they have increased their guidance and now see FY20 adjusted EPS earnings per share above the high end of $2 to $2.07.

A similar investment made earlier in March is in General Mills (ticker is $GIS ) which this week has gained 9.4% !

Here is a simple graph created with Yahoo Finance to compare these two stocks with the three major US indices for this past week. How did your portfolio fare compared to them?


I currently have 14 long positions in my eToro portfolio and 9 out of 14 have beaten the US market this past week. Ultimately, beating the market is the most important goal.

Be an active investor and invest responsibly.

Have a great weekend, all !