Weekly summary in a paragraph

Mixed results in the US stock market this week: while the Dow finished higher, the S&P500 was mildly lower whereas the Nasdaq closed markedly down and is in the red for the third straight week. Good performance for precious metals and related stocks. The jobs report indicated resilience in the US labour market and the inflation data points were either in line with expectations or mildly hotter.

The Bank of Japan shocked the world with its decision to end its long-standing money printing policy. Oil showed its strength after Russia declared that production could be cut to counteract the price cap decision by the EU. All of this while the largest ever US equities outflow was recorded.

Meanwhile in China there are reports of record 34M Covid infections in a single day as well as growing concerns for headwinds due to the virus surge. Can a belated Santa Rally in the last trading week of 2022 relieve the pain of a so far rather negative month of December?

Asset classes weekly performance

This week the Dow gained +0.9% (-9.11% YTD) while the S&P500 fell -0.2% (-19.33% YTD, we are 1x short), the Nasdaq retraced -1.9% (-33.04% YTD, we have a 3x inverse position) and the Russell 2000 finished flat (-21.96% YTD, we are 1x short). $Gold finished marginally higher +0.3% (-2.46% YTD) and silver gained +2.2% (+0.84% YTD). $Oil showed its strength with a +7.2% gain and is now back in positive territory for this year (3.03% YTD). The 20-y lost -4.6% this week (-30.04% YTD). The European stock finished +0.3% higher (-16.80% YTD). The Euro recovered +0.3% over the USD (-6.31% YTD).

Weekly pitch

This week’s market behaviour should serve as a reminder that nobody knows what happens next, even when estimates or predictions are met. Investors should follow a risk-based approach and hedge. Simply put, hedging means investing on the opposite side of your main portfolio, though for a smaller proportion, in order to limit losses if the market turns against you. While this reduces your profits when you have the wind in your back, it does offer a parachute when the opposite occurs. Many of those who are beating the market in 2022, like us (see below), have hedged and are either in the black or simply less in the red. The Santa Rally may well just be one week late but why risk and not hedge?

Weekly Portfolio Update

Here are this week’s movements: we took profits on $GILD (+35% gain) and partial profits on our short position in $SIG (+10.88%); we started short positions on $NVDA and $GIS. Stop loss was triggered on $TELL. Cash, precious metals, hedges and short stock positions amount to 44% in our portfolio (increased compared to last week).

Top 5 Weekly Portfolio Performers

$CHTR +9.50% (Communications)

$NVDA +8.24% (Semiconductors, short position)

$SQQQ +6.49% (3x inverse Nasdaq)

$SBSW +6.16% (Precious metals)

$NEM +3.71% (Precious metals)

Portfolio Asset Allocation

Long stock positions 56% (reduced)

Short stock position 3% (unchanged)

Hedges 9% (unchanged)

Silver & Gold 4% (unchanged)

Cash 28% (increased)

YTD Portfolio Performance

Our currency-adjusted YTD portfolio performance is -9.17% (excl. dividends) vs the European market loss of -10.43% (+1.3% European market beat, expressed in €) and the S&P500 loss of -19.33% (+3.9% US market beat, expressed in $).

Invest responsibly!!!


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