Four more winners, $TWTR and..

In a mixed week for the US stock market, ended on April 24th, we have made four more successful trades:

$TWTR +4.1%

$SYF +3.5%

$VLO +2.0%

$LH +2%

For some of these companies, under normal market conditions, I would continue to hold, rather than sell to lock in a small profit, however these are no normal conditions ! There is so much complacency right now and the market seem to price in not only the Fed interventions but the possibility that, if things get worse, the buying could extend to securities also.

Having said that I remain only 50% invested in my eToro portfolio so that a sudden market drop would not hurt as much and would give me enough fuel to enter more long positions after it stabilises again.

We have also initiated the following long positions last week:

$SQQQ this is a hedge for the reasons above

$PTON this is to attempt a ride on a popular stock another one which you are welcome to check out in my eToro portfolio.

The earnings season is in full swing: enjoy and invest responsibly !



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