How to invest responsibly ?

There are several ways to invest responsibly but first we have to define what it is that we are investing. You are probably thinking of your savings, which is obviously correct, but there are other assets to invest besides cash. Let´s go through some of them.

If you own a property, its value will fluctuate over the years. While it is common and generally sensible to own the house you live in, if you can afford buying one that is, it may some time make more sense not to own and to rent instead, as the capital that you would otherwise lock in the property may be put to work in other assets, whether they be stocks, bonds, and so on, and generate a greater return compared to the capital appreciation, if any, of that property.

I find that people I meet often don´t think about it but their time is also a valuable asset. Why would someone otherwise decide to stop working for a period of time to pay for and spend a lot of months to do an MBA instead of working ? Most of them are investing their time, and tuition fee, in the hope of earning a higher salary upon completion of their MBA. Similarly one may decide to purchase some holidays from their employer to invest their time in another more valuable activity..

In this blog we will look at several examples of the ways in which you can invest your assets, whether they be tangible or intangible, in the coming weeks. And in doing so, I will provide practical examples of how to do it as well as discuss the associated ethical, environmental and social implications.

When it comes to this topic there are no easy answers so I can only promise advice to consider for your journey and it will be up to you to decide what is right for you and your loved ones.

All the best !


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