Buy Alert: INW.MI Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane SpA #FTSEMIB

Buy Infrastrutture Wireless Italiane SpA (ticker: INW.MI ) with Stop Loss of 8.46€ and Take Profit of 11.02€

This is a medium term trade so invest accordingly.

$BK $SYF $GILD $GRUB $SQQQ $SCO $PCG | Responsible Investor Portfolio Update, June 13th, 2020

Two weeks in, the Responsible Investor Portfolio is up 2.5% while the markets are only up 0.6%: that’s a +1.9% outperformance. As the RI Portfolio has stocks traded over multiple markets, the market performance is calculated as a weighted average.

This past week was particularly volatile and saw a sharp decline in the stock markets on Thursday 11th of June: that day the RI Portfolio was actually up, you can read the details in a previous post. This week’s outperformance is particularly significant as the markets were down 4.9% while our portfolio only lost 0.4% (+4.4.%).

We have made 3 trades this week: we sold CELL.MI for a 7.8% profit and bought $GRUB following rumours about a takeover from JustEat after Uber’s bid hit the wall. So far Grubhub is up 6.9%. The other trade is a hedge on oil.

The relevant currencies (USD, EUR and DKK) were neutral and therefore had no impact on the portfolio.

We now have 10 open positions, 2 of which we intend to keep on a short leash as they are leveraged hedges. There is still a long way to go to achieve a complete portfolio which requires several additional positions as well as a greater diversification across the various sectors.

200612 RIP

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$GRUB $SCO $SQQQ : was your portfolio up on Thursday June 11th ?

The markets were way overbought and last Wednesday I decided to add a couple of hedges, namely $SCO (a double inverse ETF on oil) and $SQQQ (a triple inverse ETF on the Nasdaq). The relative weight of these positions meant that as the US markets tanked about 5% on Thursday the 11th of June, my Responsible Investor portfolio was up. Only a little, but green.

Photo 12-06-2020, 08.22.10

If on average over the mid to long term the markets go up, and you beat them, you should do well with your investments.

Enjoy the weekend !


$SYF $BK $PCG $SQQQ … Responsible Investor Portfolio Update, June 6th 2020

I started a new portfolio on May 25th, it is up 5,3% since then. That’s in 10 trading days, actually less considering public holidays over this period.

I have sent out 8 buy alerts so far, the intention is to have 30-40 open positions when fully invested. It mightn’t be until a few weeks that we will have a complete and balanced portfolio. At the moment the positions are too few for it to be sufficiently resilient and diversified. Overall it has 7 long positions (13%), 1 hedge position (2%) and 85% in cash.

I expect the positions to be centered around the American and European stock markets. In Europe the focus will be on Denmark, Italy, France and Germany as I follow them more regularly and understand their markets better.

With the passage of time, I will send sell alerts too, and might send accumulate/reduce alerts.

Here are all the positions, the performance for each one (dividends excluded) and the overall performance of the portfolio.

200605 RIP

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